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Russian Mother Jumps To Her Death With Eight-Year-Old Son In Her Arms

A mother has jumped to her death following her husband persistently oinking at her after plastic surgery gave her a nose like a pig, reports the Daily Mail.

33-year-old Anna Ozhigova killed herself and her eight-year-old son, Gleb, reportedly jumping from her parents’ apartment in the Siberian city of Omsk.

Friends have said that, after the plastic surgery made her depressed, it was the main reason for the failure in her marriage, as well as her death.

Mother commits suicide and kills her son


Gleb was sleeping in her arms when she plummeted to the ground, his body being found near her’s, according to reports.

A note which the 33-year-old left prior to her suicide explained she did it for ‘personal reasons’.

“I can’t smile. My nostrils are now as big as if I was a pig, and moving apart,” she said on social media to a friend. “My smile is now a frown because he removed muscles above my lip and changed something.

“My husband is oinking when he sees me.”

Mother commits suicide and kills her son


Following the couple knowing each other for 12 years, Anna claimed that after her cosmetic surgery her husband ‘couldn’t get used to her’.

She told an anonymous friend: “‘I can’t accept the idea that I’m going to be like this forever.

“I have a child, and I live for him. I’m going to a psychologist.”

The friend claims that the mother wanted peace for her eight-year-old son, but he was growing up in anger.

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