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Stop Drinking Water From Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are common these days and everyone use them in their daily life, no matter want we or not, but sometimes have to.


They are everywhere: in our own kitchen, shops, diners and all possible events. Moreover, we usually use one bottle again and again and do not even think about throwing it away.

In the recent time more and more people become aware of the risks of plastic bottles usage. They ask if we are under risks of still using them daily. Here are some things, you should know before start using plastic bottles:


Using a plastic bottle one time will not harm you, but if you decide using it again and again it may lead to some complications. According to the studies, a long usage of the same plastic bottle makes it cracked and scratched and these places are perfect area for bacteria spreading.

Chemical Leak

If you decide cleaning plastic bottle, you’d better using lukewarm water instead of hot, as it can easily cause chemical leak. In fact, if you want avoiding this, you should certainly drink water from glasses.


The majority of bacteria are present at the beginning of each bottle – at its opening. Our mouth is packed with bacteria, so when we drink we leave a lot of them there. In one study, the participants were asked drinking from the same bottle during one week without any washing. At the end of the experiment they took samples from the opening and found out a lot of bacteria able causing food poisoning.

Source: indigodaily


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