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Pamela Anderson Talks About Having Sex Like A Pornstar

Currently, former Playboy model Pamela Anderson is campaigning against porn.

The model, who appeared in two ‘leaked’ sex tapes with former flames Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels, as well as a number of soft core sex scenes, wants people to give up watching adult films. Despite her involvement in the industry she claims that times have changed, and so has she.

In order to further her campaign she was a guest on This Morning, where she admitted that she’s ‘part of the problem’ because 16-year-olds are still locking themselves in their room with an old sock and a speedy internet connection which leads them straight to her.



While appearing on the show, she explained to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that sex in porn is so far away from the real thing and that actually doing it that way isn’t enjoyable.

“Have you ever been treated like a porn star in bed?,” she said. “It’s no fun at all, slapped, hit, sex games, spit on… That’s sex these days.

“I have and I never want that happen to me again.”

Credit: ITV/This Morning

Pam is calling her campaign against porn ‘The Sensual Revolution’, in which she’s trying to get people to be more intimate and romantic, rather than thinking that porn is an actual representation of real life. It’s lucky it’s not, to be honest, I imagine a lot of plumbers would be out of the job.

When Pam exclaimed about how awful it is when you’re married and your partner is locked away in a bathroom with a laptop – outlining her point about porn addiction – Eamonn Holmes attempted to make a joke to disperse the tension, but instead made himself look like a creepy, seedy old man, while sat next to his wife.

The Playmate is currently selling signed copies of the last ever nude edition of Playboy for $500, with all of the funds going to the Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Source: theladbible |Β Featured image credit: ITV/Playboy


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