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This Guy Saved a Gosling 2 Years Ago, and This Is How It Changed His Life

A person who does a good deed is never left without a reward of some kind. Even if the act of kindness they perform is small…and involves something fluffy and yellow.

Loopfy discovered one such story about an American named Mike Jivanjee who saved a gosling.

When Mike was relaxing by a lake with some friends, he noticed a gosling that couldn’t swim.

He picked up the baby bird and decided to become its guardian until it grew up.

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The gosling turned out to be female. Mike named her Kyle, and for a whole two years she went with him everywhere.

When the time came to set her free, Mike drove her many kilometers away from the city and let her go.

But when he got home, Kyle was already waiting for him on the porch.

In those two years, Mike became strongly attached to the goose.

“Kyle is clever and quite jealous,“ Mike says. ”When I have a girlfriend, she feels threatened and makes sure everyone knows this.”

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“During this time I’ve come to understand that Kyle is the most loyal friend you could ever wish for.”

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Source: brightside | Source CBS News | Preview photo credit kylethegoose | CBS Evening News | Based on materials from kylethegoose


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