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According To Science Traveling Can Make You Happier

Now you have additional motivation to pack your bags

Some of us find traveling as a way to unwind, the others use traveling as an escape route from problems and issues. And there are people who can’t imagine their life without traveling, it becomes like a drug. Now even the science proves that traveling is healthy:
It can rewire your brain. Traveling boosts your mental health, increases the level of creativity and even rises the feeling of compassion. After visiting new places, out brain sees world in a different way, better one.

Improves relationship. According to the researches, happiest people are those who travel a lot and get new experience. They stay connected closer to family and friends as they know how important it is to stay connected.
Traveling can build new connections. While traveling you meet new people, locals – who share their knowledge, experience and wisdom. Tourists enjoy the beach, warm waters and sunshine without any doubt, but hospitality is what makes the vacation really precious and rises your mood.

It tricks the memory. Just remember when you talk about your last trip you always tend to eliminate the challenging parts and focus on positive emotions. Such experience is the one that changes us, and puts on the positive line.
Bad experience always comes out like a great story instead of being negative one, that totally ruined your vacation. Traveling is the one that gives us only positive energy, no matter how many times you got lost, the hotel room sucked and excursions could be better. Just ask yourself, how many times you came back from traveling upset and unhappy?

Source: indigodaily


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