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How To Get A Perfectly Ironed Shirt In 5 Minutes

You can do it with these simple hacks!

You won’t even need a woman to do it for you, as it is pretty simple. Even though they say that pleats are in fashion, wearing a perfectly ironed shirt makes a totally different impression, right? If you know how to turn on the iron it is already perfect, the rest is right here:
Be generous with water. Having a wide iron desk and a hot iron is great, but your main weapon is steam. Damp shirt is easier to iron, but even a dry one will be done if you use steam. Second of all divide the shirt into parts:

Yoke, the part on the shoulders. Lay the right part of the yolk on the iron desk. Pull the end with you free hand and start ironing. Do the same technique for the left part.
Collar. Unfold it and place face down. Once you are done with ironing fold it back, so the shirt doesn’t turn into air balloon while ironing.
The right front part. Place the shoulder of the shirt into the end of the iron desk. Pull the material and start ironing. Don’t forget to iron between the buttons instead running them over. Make the same routine with a left part.

The back. Imagine that your shirt is like a chicken on the grill.Leave the right part of the shirt hanging from the iron desk and iron the back, slowly moving the material.
Sleeves. Just make sure you spread the sleeve in the shoulder area. Make sure it is straight with no pleats. Iron the front part, turn around the finish.

You are almost a professional in ironing already!

Source: indigodaily


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