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Fiancée To The ‘King Of Instagram’ Reveals What Life’s Like Living With The Multimillionaire

If you thought rich kid Dan Bilzerian was the undisputed King of Instagram, then you clearly haven’t been introduced to Tony Toutouni. His extremely NSFW Instagram account is followed by 1.5 million people, and scrolling through it, it’s easy to see why.

Toutouni, 42, first made his fortune after he bought a nightclub in California at the age of 19. Since then, various business ventures have made him into a multimillionaire, a fact which he’s more than happy to share with his Instagram followers.

Some people wonder why I don't get out of bed

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After looking through Toutouni’s Instagram feed, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that he’s about to settle down and get married. So what’s it like to be the fiancée of a man whose Instagram account displays a wider selection of asses than a donkey sanctuary?

What is it like to be the spouse of one of Instagram’s most notorious men? Well thankfully we are about to find out.

Toutouni’s decided that estate agent Juliann Nicole, who he met at a gas station, is the woman he wants to call his wife. But what does she has to say about it? Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said:

“I know most women wouldn’t be able to cope with the situation but I’ve developed a thick skin from being with Tony. I do get jealous, but what would upset the average girl doesn’t upset me anymore. I’m far more accepting now.

“We used to argue and break up all the time because my friends would send me a crazy photo from Tony’s Snapchat or I would go to his house to find three girls hiding in his closet. My mum doesn’t support my relationship with Tony and I get trolled by feminists online telling me I should be ashamed of myself.

“But the crazy photos you see are only one side of Tony – I know he has a big heart and that he’ll make a great dad one day. I’ve learnt to trust him.”


Although Juliann might trust him, the evidence that can be found on Toutouni’s Instagram account says otherwise.

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