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Kim Kardashian Posts Full Nudes Again To Promote Her “New” Book

I am all out of jokes here. This family has worn me down.

But like a car wreck when you see Kim Kardashian leaks her own nudes to promote a new book you unfortunately always click it. The new book is actually just her old book (re-mastered) with a few nude selfies in it. Including her classic preggo one:


She has 84.9 million Instagram followers – they are all going to click it.

Yes, you have seen her naked in a sex tape – but you still fucking click it. We suck people. We are all humans with nipples but are intrigued by Kim K’s titties. She wins. Maybe there is more to the family and they are all trained to hypnotize us into buying their stupid shit.

Anyways – here she is. From her new/old book that is coming back out to make her more money even though none of us will buy it! The pics are NSFW, you should know that since from the title but be warned.



Source: dudecomedy


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