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Weirdest Things People Ever Collected

And still do…


If few dozens of years ago we thought that collecting old stamps rather boring and weird, you just couldn’t imagine what other people are actually crazy for:
Coke cans and bottles. There is nothing wrong with liking coke, but collecting every single can you drank is kind of freaky. But believe it or not many people love collecting old vintage cans, and this hobby is so popular that Coca Cola company even discusses on the blog the oldest versions of bottles.

1476236699-4276-coca-cola-wall-2The Worley Gig

Gas Station Signs. First of all the question pops out, how do you get them? Hopefully that only through the markets and special bargains only. Plus, thanks to the special section on eBay to find rare and unique signs became extremely easy.

Happy meal toys. While some of us don’t really care for these tiny one minute alive toys, the others cherish and value them like a precious stone. People set up the whole stalls and shelves for these collections. But one kid, an 11 years old boy Luke Underwood has a collection of more than 7, 000 Happy Meals toys, which he eventually sold to another collectors across various countries for just 11, 000 $.

1476236700-3119-00000578-742-634x423-608x406Daily Mail

Milk bottles. Yes, even these ones can be collected. If Coke cans are rather colorful and bright, empty milk glasses white in color are somehow appealing to people. Why do they love it? It is a reminder of old times when milk was delivered to the door by a reliable milkman. Can you imagine.

If you think that some of your collections are weird, just have a look at this list and relax.

Source: indigodaily


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