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5 Inventions From NASA That Made Your Life Easier

Now you know whom to thank!ย ?

Now it is all about space programs: countries invest in programs involving trips to the moon and Mars. And while many of people still think that those money could be spent for something really useful and important, NASA did a great job since its establishment in 1958. Did you know that:
Shoe insoles belonged to them as well. Before it was a part of space suit for Apollo missions. The boots astronauts were supposed to use had ventilation and put some extra spring in the steps. This is where the technology of shoe insoles comes from.

Cordless tools. The same mission required something small, portable, high-powered and durable to be able to take out the samples of the core on other planets. Scientists managed to adjust the design of usual drills into smaller versions, but with the minimum of power required thanks to a computer program of course.

Improved Radial Tires. Do you know what is five times stronger than steel? The material was invented by NASA as well to build parachutes, which could be strong enough to provide a safe landing on the Martian surface. So as result, we have a chain like molecular structure which is much stronger than anything known before. The Goodyear company decided to imply the same material in tires production to make sure that tires can survive 10, 000 miles more than usual ones.

Smoke detectors. Of course they were not the first ones to introduce the smoke detector but they worked big time to improve the existed one. Thanks to it, we have self-charging nickel battery and also detection level we can adjust.

Scratch-resistant lenses. Can you imagine that before one wrong move and you end with a scratch or crack on your glasses? Thanks to NASA we have plastic ones โ€“ cheaper and practical!

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