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Student Shares Dirty Snapchats From College Professor He Banged

College professors are getting hotter and the students are getting more & more brave. Blasting your teacher’s dirty pics is probably one of the quickest ways to get booted right off campus.

And that is exactly what could happen to this student. Spoiler alert: the Univeristy is currently investing the situation. At least he has a story to tell and some proof that he did it. Great story for his kids! “Ya, Dad smashed a teacher in college and got his ass kicked out!”

Yesterday we posted a story about a West Virgina student who matched with his professor on Tinder. He offered to ‘dick her down’ for a better grade!

Today, we got sexy Snapchats. Here is the first one he shared.


What started as a ‘just bang’ deal turned into the guy falling in love with the professor. She didn’t want a serious relationship and denied the 6 months of “encounters” aka S.E.X. That made his boys clown him and call him on his bullshit.

Blasting his ass on campus is one thing, but betting he wouldn’t have the balls to do anything about… Teach, you done fucked up!

You knew he had the sexy snaps you sent… It isn’t hard to take a screenshot.


We will update the story if there is any update on campus. I am betting he gets booted. In the end, he posted 11 pictures of his professor.

Love hurts… Blasting your exes pictures is never a good idea. And when she really isn’t your “ex” and just girl you are sleeping with. BAD MOVE!


He should have kept the pics in his own spank bank. Now he is screwed!


There was also a sex tape he was showing around to all his buddies. That will probably be the final nail in the coffin. The revenge porn poster always gets punished.

1476126512-4521-snappuz Source: dudecomedy


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