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So How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Have Sex?

It’s hard to put an exact figure on how many calories shagging burns – it has previously been predicted that having sex can burn over 200 calories, others say it probably burns about 69 – oi, oi!

However, in a study about obesity in the New England Journal of Medicine, a small reference may have the answer. It notes that a man in his mid-to-early 30s engaging in the average length of sexual activity – six minutes – would burn off 21 calories. This is based on an estimate of a person’s metabolic rate during sex. That’s rubbish! Barely a workout.


Apparently, however, orgasms involve a rush of hormones, a spike in blood flow, the generation and the ejaculation of a variety of sexual fluids – which all require energy. Added together this means that attaining an orgasm could burn off between 60 to 100 calories.

If all of this leaves you more confused than before, a pharmaceutical company has created a ‘sex calculator’ which claims to be able to work out the calories you burn during sex. I can’t testify to how accurate it is, but you work it out based on your body shape and position.

Source: theladbible |ย Featured image: PA Images


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