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5 Vacations That Will Make You Feel Better

As you will not only rest by yourself but will help other people as well

There are many kinds of traveling, starting from eco-tourism, adventurous, safari to traveling for altruistic hearts. If you feel like helping others, who are lucky less in this life, these vacations would be perfect for you:
Join Biosphere Expeditions in Amazon. What you are going to do is help the biologists with ongoing on surveys and expeditions in Peru. You will spend your vacation riding the canoe, racking such endangered species in Amazon as pumas, primates and jaguars.

Spread the HIV knowledge in Cambodia. This job is a volunteer one and will last from two to one month. After few days of training, you will start teaching kids and youth in Cambodia about drug abuse, AIDS prevention and hygiene.

Take care of elephants and plant trees in Thailand. You will have a chance to spend one in Bangkok and after head to Chiang Mai for five days to take care of elephants. Hands Up Holidays’ guests will bath the elephants and also replant the trees in certain areas on Thailand in order to rehabilitate the rain-forest. But no worries, it is not only about work – you will have plenty of time by the pool.

Helping kids in Nairobi. Besides enjoying a fantastic safari trip, where you will see rhinos! You will also spend couple of hours with children in Nairobi and help them by volunteering with AmericaShare.

Rescue turtles in Costa Rica. This vacation will require you to make deep cleaning o beaches, relocate and rescue the turtles on numerous beaches around gorgeous Costa Rica. Be prepared to live without electricity and get the water from the nearby well. If you like adventures – that’s the one!

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