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These Recycling Ideas Will Totally Make You Crazy

You don’t like to throw stuff away? Then this is exactly what you need.

Internet is stocked now with tutorials on redoing things, clothes, furniture and so on. It is a blessing for those who hate throwing things away and prefer to spend couple of hours more but to turn your old armchair into new stylish piece of furniture. These ideas will give you more space for creativity and it is time to plan your weekend:
Having a couple of old jeans? You can make couple of new bracelets to go with your casual outfit or make a stylish pillow case for your couch. Up to you!

How many wine bottles you store in your home? The moment of reusing them has arrived. Thanks to its shape, they will perfectly work out as indoor vases. You can decorate them either with gluing pieces of newspaper or add some bright ribbons alongside its base.

There is nothing easier than making a skirt. Especially if you have couple of old t shirts you never going to wear again. If skirt looks to dull for you, go for making a blanket or a small carpet for your pet!

School is over but that globe is still occupying the space on the shelf. If you cut it in half, you will get a cute bowl for storing fall decorations or simply fruit!

And back to the bottles. They became quite popular and one of the best ways to use them besides the vase it to turn it int candle holder. The only problem is to find an equipment for a straight and secure cut of the bottom. The rest – just put the candle under.

You’ve got a new night table and the old drawers are stored in the corner. If you put one of them on the wall in your bathroom, it can serve like a shelf for your bath stuff or if you add one more wood in between – use it like a home first aid kit.

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