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These Amazing Cakes Look Like Junk Food

The baker makes amazing cake designs that look like our favorite junk food!

Nowadays it is not enough to make simply delicious cakes. Besides perfect flavor and texture the design should be also exquisite. Many of us look for the creative way to surprise our friends or beloved for birthday party. There are many bakers who make cool cakes reflecting either professions of hobbies of a person. But this master has taken baking into totally different level.

The pastry chef who creates these astonishing cakes is a self taught 24 year old baker – Laura Loukaides. She made internet go crazy with her incredible masterpieces and you have no clue if this is a burger or a cake. In order to check – you have to try!

The young baker has already got numerous awards, as some of her culinary masterpieces look too real to be fake. In her collection you may find everything, from traditional hot-dogs, pancakes and delicious burgers to kebabs and even sushi.

These cakes could actually fight junk food addiction in some people, but the problem is you can get stuck with eating these cakes instead. Just have a look at some of her works to get inspired and actually hungry. This could be a cool idea for the party or a birthday of a friend who is addicted to fast food. Just warn the guy to try carefully, as you never know what waits for you behind this fatty, crispy French Fries or a really seducing burger!

Source: indigodaily


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