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Kim Kardashian’s Break From Public Life Will Cost Her A Staggering Amount Of Money

As one of the most famous women in the world, you can’t begrudge Kim Kardashian a little break from humanity. She’s not had the best of weeks, and sometimes, it’s good to take a step back from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in order to get your life back on track. After a recent robbery in Paris denied her as much as $11 million in jewellery, Kim has initiated a media blackout, as you well would after such a high-profile traumatic incident, pausing filming of her show and staying off social media until further notice.


Staying off of Instagram and Snapchat, however, may hurt Kim in other ways than simple popularity metrics: it could end up actually costing her money as well. On the next page, we’ll talk about Kim’s societal impact and how much her hiatus could hurt her.

Social media without Kim Kardashian is about as fathomable as Christmas without your drunk uncle, but that’s where we stand at the moment, to her own detriment as well as ours.

Being constantly on social media might have been partly to blame for her attack in Paris, but Kim’s very livelihood requires her to remain in the spotlight, and as a result she’s losing money for every day she’s not in the limelight. Celebrity financial advisor Samuel Rad explains that for someone like Kim Kardashian, a single social media post is worth around $20,000, and considering the amount she makes a month, that’s bound to add up.


A million dollars a month is a dream salary for most of us, but for Kim Kardashain, that’s just how much she stands to lose by taking a break from the public eye. Sam also brings to light another point that might help Kim in the long run:

I think what’s going to happen is the first post she’s going to put up… it’s going to get so many more followers and hits… I think it could be a really big moneymaker for her brand.

While the suggestion that this is all some sort of public relations ruse is a bit cynical, it’s good to know that behaving like a rational human being won’t hurt Kim too much in the long run.

In the wake of the incident, people have taken to making fun of Kim Kardashian on social media, but as James Corden points out, it’s really not something to be laughing at.

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