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Ashton Kutcher Opens Up About The Coming Baby

A boy or a girl, make bets!

The ones who follow the lives of celebrities especially such adorable couple as Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will be thrilled to find out the latest news about their upcoming baby. Is that a boy or a girl and how the family is getting ready for a new born.

The gossips were wondering since June about Mila being pregnant with a second child. Their small daughter can get prepared for being the one in charge in the family. Recently Ashton gave an interview to The Today Show promoting his Netflix show The Ranch. The actor admitted that he is sort of scared to have a second child coming soon, even though it was pretty fun to watch his small daughter Wyatt growing. But now he will have to run after two kids around the house.

Finally while explaining what his daughter is thinking about the coming baby, Ashton slipped out that a girl points to Mila’s belly and says “baby brother”. So we can congratulate the family with a baby boy coming! But as for the daughter, Ashton doesn’t think she really understands what is going on, because she also points on Ashton’s belly and says “beer”. It is incredibly cute. At least the girl knows that there is something inside of that big belly. What a surprise waiting for her when she finds out the baby boy is not a plastic one:)
Until that congratulations to the couple with a coming boy!

Source: indigodaily


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