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7 Reasons To Buy Baby Powder, Even If You Have No Children

You should buy baby powder, even if you have no child because baby powder can help you with your makeup and can save you in many situation. It also saves a lot of space for you in your purse and a fairly a decent amount of money. Today we are sharing some very handy uses of baby powder. Please visit the next page to know these uses.

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2.Porcelain Face


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If after completing your make-up you want your skin to skin, then there is no need to buy expensive matting powder because ordinary baby powder also works.

3.Lush Lashes

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Apply mascara and after drying apply a coat of baby powder and then again apply a coat of mascara. This will help you to get lush lashes.

4.Perfect Eyebrows

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Apply a small amount of powder with a brush on the eyebrows to make up, and then work through a pencil. So they will be thicker and bulkier.


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It is not necessary to buy makeup base to lay the tone as needed. A thin layer of baby powder will do the job better liquid counterparts.

6.After Shaving

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Affordable means of avoiding rough legs after shaving: first apply a moisturizing cream, and when it is absorbed, apply baby talc powder. This will make your skin perfect and smooth.

7.Special Zone

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The skin is often rubbed between the legs while walking, especially, when you wear a skirt without tights. So, it is necessary to anoint the powder inside of the thighs to solve this problem.

Source: candyreader


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