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Key To A Better Sex

Sex is one of the most important moments, when it comes to marriage.

In fact, many couples break up because feel not satisfied, when having sex with their partner. If you want to improve your marriage, you should first improve your sex life.  In fact, a healthy marriage is impossible without good sex. Still, everything is so individually. Here are some ways how to improve your sex life right now:


Foreplay shouldn’t be for several seconds before having intercourse. In fact, you can do it all day long before a hot night. Start flirting with each other from the very morning to reach peak point at night. These little acts will help setting your mood for later romance.

Telling Secrets

Lack of trust between two partners is one of the biggest barriers for true intimacy. Young spouses should be confident telling their sexual secrets to each other. Be honest about your desires and wishes. Your transparence will help creating better sex with your spouse.

Serving Each Other

True love is about serving each other. For example, your husband may secede washing the dishes to satisfy you. You, in return, can make him massage on his feet. Telling the truth, girls, this massage drives all men crazy. They instantly forget about all your faults.

What You Like

If you want making your sex life truly incredible, you should always tell what you like and dislike to your partner. Be open about things, which make you uncomfortable. This communication is vital in order to get mutual pleasure.

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