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What To Eat Before Exams

Did you know that kind of food you eat highly influences on your exam results?

  • Many students are always interested to find the best diet during the period of exams. Are you also looking for this answer? All of us hope that right nutrition before an exam is able adding us extra points. In fact, it really can. Here is some advice what to eat before taking an exam:

Brain-Boosting Foods

Before any exams you’d better eat brain-boosting foods. These are packed with protein, which provides you with much alertness. Try eating the following products: nuts, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits with yogurt. You may also opt for whole-grain cereals with milk, toast with honey, oatmeal or any other porridge with butter.

  • Among other brain-boosting foods you can find fish, blueberries, flaxseeds, prunes, figs or dates. Fruits will help you thinking clearly and very quickly. The best fruit choices for morning include bananas, cantaloupes, strawberries, and oranges. If you like vegetables, it’s better eating Brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers or spinach.


You should drink a lot of water before taking an exam. You can also drink tea, but try adding less sugar. If you have dehydration, it can lead to concentration loss. You may even feel faint and lose a lot of energy.

Light Meals

Try eating to satisfy your organism, but not feel full too much. If your breakfast is too big and you are going to sit on an exam, you may experience the feeling of heaviness and drowsiness. All your body and energy will focus on digesting food. It’s better eating a light meal during breakfast, such as salad or fruits.

Do Not Eat New Foods

If you mom prepared something new and you have never tried it before, it’s better avoiding it during this morning. You don’t know the reaction what would be the reaction of your organism on this meal. To avoid surprises during an exam, eat something you got accustomed for a long time.

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