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Mum Shaves Daughter’s Head As Punishment For ‘Bullying Cancer Patient’

We all know bullies are dicks, but when it comes to handling a bully it can be pretty hard to know what to do, particularly if the bully is your own child. Do you take them to school and tell the head teacher? Make them apologise to the person they’ve been bullying? Or, the new popular choice for parents, do you shame them on social media?

We’ve all seen the videos of parents forcing their kids to apologise for their bad behaviour, but this video takes it that little bit further.

Apparently, after discovering that her daughter was picking on a cancer patient for being bald, this mum shaved her daughter’s head, filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to Facebook.

The girl in the video can be seen screaming and covering her eyes as her mum shaves off her hair, which falls off in clumps.

The two women are speaking in Portuguese, but it’s not known where the video was made.

However, the Daily Mail reports that the video has been around for some time and it was originally claimed the mother was shaving the girl’s head for sending nudes.

Whatever the ‘crime’, this is some brutal punishment.

What do you think? A good way to teach your kid a lesson or a bit too much?

Source: theladbible


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