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Dude Films Brutal Aftermath of Tiger Shark Attack

This is why I stay out of the water! I would be losing my shit if this happened to me. Not this guy… He just whips out his cell phone and starts filming the aftermath.

I guess now everyone will always believe his story. Video proof.


He wrote: Last Sunday I was attacked by a tiger shark about 60 yards off of Upolu Point in Kohala Hawaii. The conditions were not the greatest to say the least and we went anyway.

The biggest message I want to get across is please always DIVE SAFE and always HAVE A PARTNER. If it wasn’t for my partner that day I would surely be dead right now. Don’t go in unsafe conditions REMEMBER there’s always another day! Don’t take life for granted like I did.

And lastly always respect the ocean and all of its inhabitants. This doesn’t change how I look at this magnificent animal or the ocean. I can’t wait to get back in and swim with these beautiful creatures again.


You can see a pretty nasty chunk missing from this dudes leg. I consider that pretty graphic but I am the pussy of the 3 of us.

Source: dudecomedy


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