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Pornstar Couple React To Watching Each Others Films For The First Time

Things got awkward real quick!

Let me ask you guys a question… Would you guys pork this girl??

Just in case some of you don't know, @ninasmakeup is absolutely AMAZING… I 💜 her

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9.8/10 HELL YEAH I AM IN. Sadly, this guy does. We can keep on dreaming.

High Life💨 #Babe #Vancouver #Bts

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Spoiler alert. They are both pornstars about to watch each other perform for the first time!

What made it even more challenging was the fact they had never watched each other’s work before and even revealed that they don’t ever watch porn. Outrageous.

Get ready to cringe!

Poor dude got called out on his anal game “It looked like it was a great scene, it looked like she enjoyed it. But maybe if you fucked me in the ass more you’d get a higher rating.”

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