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Foods You Cook Wrongly Each Day

Do you like cooking? Do you know all the rules and secrets?
  • In fact, we make a lot of mistakes in a kitchen every day. Here are some of them:
  • Do you often leave a pit in your guac? It wouldn’t help it lasting longer. If you want keeping it fresh for a long time, we recommend you adding a little bit of lime juice and use an airtight container for storing it.
  • Do you cube your butter, when decide baking something? In fact, grating it makes the mixture dispersing evenly. Moreover, this helps making your bakery fluffier.
  • All of us cook bacon in a skillet. We recommend you doing it in an oven, which is thousands times better. It will make your bacon taste extremely delicious.
  • If you want making salad out of lettuce, do not forget cleaning it properly, as its leaves contain a lot of dirt.
  • If the recipe requires sautéing garlic with onion, add it only when the onion becomes soft. Never put these two ingredients at the same time into a pan. Onions require some more time to be cooked, in comparison with garlic, which needs several minutes.
  • Do you rinse your ice before cooking it? Admit you are not doing it all the time. Rinsing makes the taste of the rice better and washes out excessive starch.
  • Do you like spices? In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid of rich flavor, which comes with them. Well seasoned food is digested better and tastes thousand times more delicious.
  • If you want adding cumin or coriander to your dishes, roast them to increase their aroma.
  • If you decide cooking something according to the recipe, you should certainly follow it, otherwise you would fail.

Source: indigodaily


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