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7 Puzzling Uses Of Vodka You Would Hear For The First Time

Everyone knows that vodka is one of the strongest alcohol drinks.

If you add it to cocktails, it will certainly make wonders with it. Many people do not consider some additional uses of the drink accept being alcoholic. In fact, one can use this spirit in many other ways. Here are of them:

Keeping Flowers

If you want keeping your flowers fresh for a long time – add some vodka and sugar into the bowl with flowers.

Deodorizing Clothing

If you want removing unpleasant odors from your clothing, vodka will do its best. It will also kiss all the bacteria. All you need is hanging smelly clothes in a good ventilated room and spray with water-vodka solution. The clothes would dry and the smell would disappear.

Shining Hair

If you want making your hair extremely shining, add some vodka into your shampoo. If you have a bottle of 354 ml, add 44 ml of vodka.

Keeping Fabrics Dark

If you want saving the dark colour of your clothes, take a spray and fill it with water-vodka solution in the proportion 1:1.

Removing Molds

If you have any molds, vodka would easily remove it. Take a spray and apply the solution on the area. Wait 20 minutes and scrub everything with a toothbrush.

Sparkling Glass

To keep your glasses lenses always clean and sparkling we recommend you using water –vodka solution.

Clean Windows

Vodka would also make your windows, porcelain and chrome shining brightly.

Source: indigodaily


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