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6 Things You Should Always do If you want to be Respected

A fundamental human want in life is to be accepted. And as history shows, those most revered often have one thing in common; they have the respect of others. Think the patience and thoughtfulness shown in in every Barack Obama speech. Or the down-to-earth and humble nature that many celebrities display- despite their fame and fortune.  Sure, they could get away with acting like douches, but the ones who truly capture the hearts of many are those who don’t let their success change them.

Here, we go through six simple ways you can earn the respect of others by focusing on becoming a better you.

1. Always keep your promises


Nobody likes someone who makes promises and then never goes through with them. It’s cheap and lazy, and a negative trait that screams insincerity. So be earnest in your approach when saying you’ll do something. You have to mean it. If you don’t feel like you can, then that’s okay too, so long as you’re upfront about it.

2. Never Waste Anyone’s Time


How often have you been annoyed when a friend or partner whose left you waiting? It’s not nice, is it? So if you’re one of those who is prone to leaving others waiting or rushing into work 20 minutes late, then think how your lateness directly affects them. In short, if you respect others’ time, they will respect yours. So be courteous to the time constraints that others are under and you’ll soon find the respect of others easier to attain.

3. Being ‘too nice’ isn’t always a good thing


If you make yourself out to be someone that is perfect and kinder than anything on Earth, then you’re likely trying too hard to please others. Instead, you come across as a pushover and someone who isn’t at all genuine. Granted, people might think you’re kind and sweet, but if its respect you’re after, then you also need to distinguish between being nice and being a pushover who isn’t comfortable enough being themselves.

4. Don’t be afraid to stand up for someone else


How many times have you seen someone being mistreated but been too scared to intervene? We’re guessing that’s happened at least once, and while we’re not for one second putting you down for not showing the guts, putting yourself in the sufferers shoes and speaking out when others wouldn’t dare takes a tremendous amount of courage; hence why those who speak out are admired.

5. Inspire others


Having the ability to passionately talk to others and motivate them  is a rare but highly respected skill that is always embraced. You don’t have to give rousing half-time speeches that Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud of. All it takes is a genuine interest in someone’s life, and a want to seem them improve. It’s a selfless act and one which gives hope and confidence to others.

6.  Don’t be afraid of saying “No”


How many times have you felt guilt-tripped into saying yes? Yes, I’ll go out for one drink, which soon turns into ten. Yes, I’ll meet you in town for a whole days shopping. Initially, it can be welcomed but in time, you’ll soon be known as someone who has no willpower to focus on their life. Those who know when to make time for themselves, however, while sometimes annoying others by saying no to nights out and other occasions, are still respected for being genuine.

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