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Watch This Butcher Cut Whole Lambs With Robotic Precision

It’s crazy to see the amount of skill and experience butchers have in regards to their craft. Whether it’s cutting up an entire cow in the street, or using a table saw to slice through an entire sounder of swine, the mastery is clear.

In this insane video, we see a butcher perform quick cuts of meat with extreme precision. Titled CARNICERO NIVEL DIOS, the video loosely translates to God-level butcher.

Pretty bold claim, right?

Using an electric table saw, the butchery master grabs some whole lambs and starts sending them through the blade without a second guess. Parts then go flying with astonishingly none of the butcher’s fingers included.

We’re left wondering if any of that process is purely from muscle memory. He doesn’t take any time to think about where he wants to cut… he just moves.

I mean, really, don’t try this at home, folks.

Source: foodbeast


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