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These Are Rules Of Happiness

What the most important things are in your life?

How you can extract the most of it to enjoy your life for full? Our life is full of various precious things. Unfortunately, the majority of us fail noticing them. Read the following presentation to remind yourself about life value:

  • If you want to be happy, you should always do these things:
  • Make your heart free from any hatred
  • Make your mind free of any worries
  • Make your life very simple – the most wonderful things are always simple
  • No matter how much you receive, try giving away more to others
  • No matter what is going on with you, demand less from life and God
  • Miracles happen, but do not expect them all the time
  • No one can return back and start everything again, but everyone can start now and achieve success
  • God never promised your days to be free of pain. Laughter will be always accompanied with sorrow. Sun is impossible without rain.
  • Disappointments are inevitable. They would make you slow down, but afterward you’ll enjoy such a smooth ride
  • No matter what is happening to you, sit and calm down. Think about God: he has some truly unique plan for you. Believe Him.
  • Stay always positive, no matter what happens
  • Making someone love you is impossible. All you can do is to learn how to love another person, and you’ll automatically become a loved one.
  • It’s better losing pride for the sake of whom you love, that losing one whom you love because of being proud
  • Never forget old friends. It’s difficult to replace them.

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