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10 Amazing Bodyhacks To Get The Most Out of Your Body

We all know that the human body is an amazing thing that can do some pretty incredible things but sometimes we aren’t fully aware of our own capabilities. We can trick our brain into thinking certain ways or our body to reacting to such things in order to benefit ourselves, and these amazing body hacks are often little known so here we document a few that we think are pretty darn cool.


1. Blink Fast For A Minute if Having Trouble Sleeping

If having trouble nodding off then a simple solution could be just to blink. By rapidly opening and closing your eyes in quick succession for about a minute, you can tire out your eyelids by over exerting them in a manner they’re not used to. As such your eyelids will feel heavy and need to rest which your brain automatically associated with being tired.


As such, you may be able to train your brain into feeling sleepy just by blinking rapidly, so next time you need a nap, give it a go.

2. Reading A Speech Before Bed Will Help You Remember It

Studies suggest that, when forming new connections and learning new knowledge, sleep can aid with knowledge retention. This is because your brain becomes relaxed at the point of sleep and creates those memory pathways without having to focus on anything else, so if the last thing it remembers is a speech then it could help store that better.


Even a 90-minute nap can help significantly boost your brainpower and successful people often read before bed to make the most of that dead time.

3. Turn The Shower To Cold To Prevent Acne

Your skin is a fascinating and complex organ that reacts in many ways to its conditions in order to help you out. When it is warm, it opens up all your pores in order to let you sweat and keep cool and when it is cool it closes them and raises your hair in order to keep body heat in. If suffering from spots and blackheads, you can manipulate this system in the shower.


By having a hot shower, you can open up your pores and let the warm water and steam clean them out of dirt and oils that can clog them and become blackheads. Near the end of the shower, if you turn the water to cold, you can close up your pores and prevent too much dirt and bacteria getting into them in the immediate aftermath meaning you’re less likely to have a build-up of spots.

4. Your Left Ear Hears Music Better Whilst Your Right Prefers Speech

Research has shown that your right ear is better at picking up speech patterns and words whilst the left ear is better at processing music and other sounds. This is because your ears are connected to different hemispheres of your brain which store and process different pieces of information, the left side controlling the right half of the body and better at logical thinking, whilst the right of your brain controls your left half and is far more creative.


As such, when listening to someone it may be better to turn your right ear to them but if tuning an instrument, turn your left ear to it for best results.

5. If You Can’t Get To The Bathroom, Think Saucy Thoughts

If you really need to pee but can’t get to the bathroom or there is a long queue, you can thing racy thoughts about sex and this will help your situation. Not only will it distract your brain from thinking about peeing but it also shifts blood flow to different parts of the anatomy relieving some of the pressure.


Of course, for gentlemen, this in itself can be quite awkward, especially in public, but at least you won’t need to pee so bad.

6. Counteract Dizziness

When in bed and feeling a little dizzy, if you place both of your feet this will help your brain recalculate your position as it instinctively knows your feet are in a rooted position so can he;p in adjusting your perspective and may the room stop spinning for a little while. Another way to prevent this may also be to not drink so much next time.


Of course, this isn’t a cure-all but it can be useful.

7. Ease Migraines

If suffering from migraines there are a few tricks to help ease the pain. One of these is plunging your feet into, as hot water as you can bear and another is putting your hands in ice water and flexing them.  With warm water drawing blood towards the feet it can relieve the syptoms quite effectively and with ice on the head, this may amplify the effect.


The hands in ice water also works as it draws blood to the extremities in order to keep them warm and away from the head.

8. Stop Mosquito Bites Itching

If you’ve been bitten by a mosquito and it is starting to itch and become irritating, try spraying a little deodorant onto the affected area. The chemicals in the deodorant react with the ammonia from the bite and quite often ease the swelling and inflammation alongside relieving the itching and it is something you should always have around the house.


Other cures from household products include alcohol applied, household ammonia, soapy water or antihistamines.

9. Stop An Oncoming Sneeze

There are a few techniques for this that may have varying results but they do all work


  • Blow your nose when you fee a sneeze coming on as this will clear the sinuses of whatever is causing the sneeze in the first place.
  • Squeeze your nose just above the tip and start pulling on it as though trying to remove it from your face. Don’t do it so hard that it is painful but simply stretch out the cartilage and this should stop the sneeze.
  • Pinch your upper lip between thumb and forefinger and push lightly towards your nostrils with one digit going toward each nostril.
  • Press your tongues as hard as you can on the roof of your mouth just behind your two front teeth until the tickling sensation subsides.

10. Cure Brainfreeze

Eating delicious ice cream too fast or taking a huge gulp of frost, chocolate milkshakes can instantly set off brain freeze as your head gets super cold and painful. However, if you push your tongue to the top of your mouth, towards the softer part, the heat from your tongue will help dissipate the pain quicker meaning you can get back to your treat quicker too.


In the future, though, just don’t eat or drink cold food and beverages so quickly and you won’t have this problem in the first place. Silly.

Source: lifehacklane


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