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Guy Snapchats Disgusting Discovery After Getting Lap Dance From Stripper

This is just nasty… Everyone has their strip club horror stories. I saw a dude get smashed in the face by a kettle one bottle. I was wasted, but you know how I remember the bottle type… IT DIDN’T BREAK!

I remember looking at it on the ground with a busted up dude next to it, titties in my face and wondering, “HOW THE FUCK DID THIS NOT BREAK”

My story 1. Didn’t happen to me and 2. is nowhere close to the nasty story this guy can tell people.

His story is straight out of the movie Superbad! Except he had to drop money all night on dances and drinks just to go home with some blood covered pants.


His Snapchat was popping all night. (Sidenote – don’t be a dumbass and try Snapchatting in a strip club you will get bounced or a kettle one bottle off your dome…)


At least he can go back with this video and show the tat. THIS IS THE GIRL!


If it was me I would go back in and talk to the manager about getting a 50% off lap dance. And burn those pants on the way out!


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