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A CEO who gives his employees $2,000 to go on vacation says people are more productive than ever

There are people out there who are reluctant to take the vacation from work that they deserve out of a fear of what will happen in their absence.

Mark Douglas, the CEO of marketing company SteelHouse, encountered this problem. When he told his employees that they could take a vacation whenever it was most convenient for them to do so, many of them didn’t know how to react.

Then Mark had an idea. Why not pay his employees to take a holiday wherever they want to? This in itself isn’t a very surprising move, but in this case Mark had in mind actually paying his employees a bonus of $2,000 that could only be spent on their leisure time.

Company employees on an annual trip to Las Vegas

In other words, if you work for Mark’s company, once a year you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want there. Of course, some people simply wanted the bonus without spending it on a vacation. But Mark didn’t want to compromise on this question. “I actually want you to travel somewhere and have a good time there,“ he insisted.

The results of¬†his idea speak for themselves. For the past three years, only five people out of¬†250 employees have left the company, and three of¬†them did this for reasons unconnected with work. It¬†also became clear that after their ‚ÄĚbonus” vacation, Mark‚Äôs employees return with new reserves of¬†energy and their productivity is¬†much higher.

The SteelHouse team celebrate Halloween

Mark believes other companies would do well to imitate his idea. He believes that all they have to do is accept that it works, and then it won’t seem like a crazy plan that threatens their success.

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs one thing to¬†say to¬†your employees You have three weeks of¬†vacation time, as¬†they do¬†in¬†most companies,‚Äú says Mark. ‚ÄĚAnd it‚Äôs another when you announce that You have been given some money, and if¬†you don‚Äôt use it¬†for your vacation, then it¬†will simply be¬†wasted. That‚Äôs a¬†more effective way to¬†convince your employees how important it¬†is¬†to¬†take a¬†break.”

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