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8 Ways to Turn Your Still Summer Home into Fall Inspiration

Although it is officially fall now, many girls keep complaining that they still can smell summer in their homes. If it sounds familiar to you, you have come to the right place. I will help you to turn your summer home into a fall-inspired one. No worries, girls. These tricks are simple and easy to do. Your fall inspiration starts with your own house. Let’s start:

Instead of waiting for Halloween or Christmas to decorate the house with some festive garlands, hang a few fall-inspired garlands around the house today. Garlands full of colorful leaves, cinnamon sticks and dried orange and lemon slices will instantly make your room smell like fall.




A home scented with baked apples is a home full of fall inspiration. Not only will you make your house smell like fall, but you will also treat yourself to a diet-friendly and delicious dessert that the whole family will enjoy. A win-win solution.

There is no need to paint your walls orange or any other fall-inspired color, just add a pop of color to your house by adding some bright pillows or linens, fall pictures, or investing in a huge orange couch. What do you think?

Have no decorative bowl? Just grab the first plate from the kitchen and here you go. Dried fruit like oranges, raisins and prunes, walnuts and some spices put in your dining or living room will do the trick.



Fill your pot with oranges, apples, vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon sticks and simmer it until your home smells like fall. Feel free to experiment with the ingredient list if you don’t like those I mentioned.

Last but not least way to turn your still summer home into fall inspiration is to decorate it with lots of pinecones. It is cheap, quick and super easy. Ask your little ones to help you with this. This is a great way to keep them busy and creative for hours.

While many people are now suffering from seasonal depression, it is vital to love fall, no matter how depressive it seems. Hopefully, these tricks will help you feel that fall inspiration. If you have any other ideas, let us know. We will try them as well.

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