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4 Important Products You Can Make Yourself At Home

Do you like grocery shopping?

Yes, it’s quite exhausting and tiresome. Sometimes you have no time or even desire choosing right products among the many variants, present in the store or supermarket. Well, we have good news for you! In fact, there are so many products you buy that can be easily made by yourself at home. Read the following instructions to find out the full details:


Many of us buy mustard very often. But, you can make truly delicious mustard at home by yourself. All you need is blending mustard seeds with coconut vinegar, water and black salt. You may also add some honey for more distinctive taste.


All of us without exceptions buy butter. This product is used daily in a variety of dish preparations. Have you ever thought that making butter at home is extremely easy? All you need is heavy cream and a little bit of salt. Process the cream for 10 minutes in a food processor until the liquid separates from the hard texture, called butter. Strain butter from the liquid and add some salt.


If you have a lot of grapes and can’t eat everything, you can easily make raisins out of it. You can easily dry them in a dehydrator and get wonderful home-made raisins.

Greek Yogurt

Who doesn’t like Greek yogurt? To make this delicious treat you need milk and several tablespoons of plain yogurt. Het your milk till 180C˚ and let it cool till 110 C˚. Add yogurt to the cooled milk and let it undisturbed for a night. In the morning you’ll get amazing home-made yogurt!

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