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Things You Never Heard About Sleeping

Almost third of our life we spend sleeping.

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Still, we know so little about this process. This mechanism is very complicated and unique. Here are some facts to learn more about sleeping:

Sleep Deprivation

If you are young, sleep deprivation would affect you more, in comparison with elderly, who are less susceptible to this. According to the studies, young people require a lot of sleep constantly renewing energy levels.

1 Hour More

Everyone knows that time of the year, when the clocks are set to one hour earlier or later. According to the statistics, the next day a high percentage of traffic accidents is observed. The lesson is really very simple – to have good rest and sleep, before you start driving.

Victorians Slept 10 Hours

During the Victorian era people slept almost 10 hours at night, as there was no lights like today.

Women Should Sleep More

According to the researches women need more sleep in comparison with men. Guys, always remember this!

Teens Should Sleep More

Teens are almost the same as woman and need more sleep as well. According to the recommendations, an average teen should sleep 10 hours, in comparison with adults, who require only 6-7.


Many people suffer from insomnia. The longest recorded time without sleep was 18 days, 21 h, 40 min. This person then told about hallucinations, blurred vision, paranoia, problems with speech, memory during that period.

Source: indigodaily


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