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Trucker Fired After Filming Himself Banging Girl While Speeding Down Highway

Is this a new feature on the Uber app I didn’t know about?! If it isn’t they should add a little ride share program like this. Or if you are smart out there make a new app altogether.

This truck driver found a way to pass the long drive times. He got a girl to sit on his lap. Sadly, the video which blew up on the internet cost him his job. Guess it is pretty unsafe.


He seems like a real baller, he has a dip in his lip and is puffing on a cig or joint at the same damn time.


Did I mention he is getting taken on the ride of his life? WHILE SHE IS STEERING THE WHEEL!


This is one bumpy road. The should really be wearing seatbelts…


There seem to be a few close calls but judging by the sound effects, all was well. The guy is more than relaxed and I don’t blame him.


The good news: they did not crash the truck or run it off the road. The better news: It seems like they both had a very enjoyable ride.


Source: dudecomedy


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