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This Is How Much Money Pornstars Make For Each Nasty Act

People always say having sex for a living is a dirty unpaid job. After reviewing these numbers I would have to agree for the dudes. Ladies, on the other hand, can make some serious money!

Not to mention they are probably going to bang some dudes anyways. Might as well turn it into 6 figures.

Calculating exactly how much a porn star earns is pretty hard to calculate. Some many factors go into each video. Age, looks, size, how it’s being produced, what is it for after it’s finished.

DailyDot has broken down how much an adult film star earns per video can depend on a lot of factors, such as:

Type of scene being produced (eg, solo, girl-girl, boy-girl, etc)


Sexual acts (eg, nude, insertions, anal sex)


Producer’s budget
Sometimes they just make it look “amateur”


Model’s location


How the content will be released
Given those factors, Hall gives this breakdown of what top talent can earn per video.


Nude-only solo: $340
Open leg solo: $408
Explicit solo: $476
Insertions solo: $612
Girl-girl: $1,020
Girl-boy: $1,020

Additionally, a CNBC article gives the following break down that backs up Hall’s info:

Female performer, man/woman scene: $300-$1,500
Female performer, all-woman scene: $700-$1,200
Male Performer: $500-$1,500

Porn is one of the few industries where women can out earn men. estimates the “average male porn star only makes $30,000 a year whereas an average female performer earns $70,000.”

Female porn stars also have additional revenue streams, such as feature dancing at strip clubs, where they can earn up to $2,000 a night.

Get banged enough and you can be living the American dream!

Source: dudecomedy


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