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Only People With A Little Sister Would Understand This

Having as sibling is a real blessing, isn’t it?

No matter what your attitude toward the sister or brother is, it will certainly change with time. When it comes to sisters – there is no more beautiful union. Of course, an older sister would always experience some pains of having a little sister. In spite of this the bonds between two of them are very strong. Here are some moments why having a little sister is cool:

You Feel Like a Mother

Having a little sister make you feeling like a real mom, isn’t it? It’s your first motherhood experience. You should always make sure she has gotten up, had her breakfast and gathered everything to school. Isn’t it great? It may seem a real burden for you, but you’ll see with time how much benefits this period has brought to you.

Sharing Things

A little sister also means sharing things all the time. Moreover, you share even personal space and can even sleep on one bed. Sharing shampoo, bathroom, clothes, and cosmetics is common for you.

You Understand You Are an Adult

Your little sister would be a constant reminder that you are already a grown up and have a lot of responsibilities.

Your Friends Love Her Very Much

Your friends fall in love with your sister from the first glance. Sometimes you feel a great temptation excluding her from your company, but then admit that the atmosphere wouldn’t be so nice without her.

She Is an Excuse

You can go out whenever you want, but if you take her with you. Yes, your parents are very protective. Do not worry. This, in fact has a lot of benefits. Isn’t it funny spending time with your friends and sister at the same time? She’s really that what you need.

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