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How To Save Money On Gas

Unfortunately, many of us do not know that making several changes in the way wed rive can save us a lot of money on gas. Follow this advice and you’ll find out how!

Pedal Off

Yes, it’s really a good advice. Of course, you may feel so powerful while pedaling your car, but each time doing this you waste almost 5 % of gas while in the city and 33% while driving on the highway.

Breaking Too Much

If you can’t slow down your vehicle in any other way, you can use breaks. If the distance is quite long, simply take the foot off the gas and the car will slow down. This will help you saving a lot of gas and the life expectancy of your breaks.

Speed Limit

The majority of cars are designed to work normally under the speed of 50 mph. If you stick to it, you’ll save much on gas.

Empty Boot

If your car is very heavy, you would waste more gas while driving. Try removing everything unnecessary each time you set up for a long journey in your car. Take only the essential with you.

No Air Conditioning

If you need some air, it’s better opening the windows and turning off the air conditioning. AC may increase gas consumption by the car. At the same time keeping windows open all the time can create a drag, which may also be a reason for high gas consumption. So keep the windows half way closed and half way opened to avoid this.

Source: indigodaily


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