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The Most Dangerous Foods People Still Eat

There are so many foodies these days.

These people are greatly interested in food, they constantly try various new dishes from all over the world and try pursuing new extravagant flavors. AT the same time there is so much dangerous food, which someone still dares to try. Let’s see the list of the most frightening foods ever:


You can eat it fried and raw at the same time. It can be also boiled and add to miso soup. But when it comes to liver, it contains such a poisonous substance, able causing death. According to the data, there were registered almost 44 fatal cases from 1996 till 2006. In 2015 5 men specifically asked for liver and died at once.


It is common for Namibia. As for Africans, they eat it whole even with legs. In fact, the body of the animal contains a lot of toxins. The most lethal are the young frogs, which haven’t yet started mating.  These toxins are able causing kidney failure.


It is common for Jamaica. It should be eaten only ripe without those seeds, which are very toxic. If you eat them, you can face Jamaican vomiting sickness. According to the data, there were registered almost 35 poisoning incidences in 2011. The statistics says that 1 in 1000 people get poisoning with the fruit in the Caribbean once a year.

Pangium Edule

The fruit can be eaten after boiling without any shells. Moreover, it should be soaked in a big quantity of water. They can be also buried in banana leaves during one month. The fruit contains hydrogen cyanide, which is extremely poisonous for humans.

Source: indigodaily


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