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Egg Hacks For Egg Lovers

Eggs are so versatile – they can be cooked in different ways.

So, it’s not surprising that many people like them so much. Some use them so often that even forget how to use and cook them correctly. No matter what you prepare out of eggs, the following tips and hacks will certainly help you.

Check If It’s Fresh

Do you already check your eggs being fresh? Probably, not. This trick is extremely easy. All you need is placing it into the bowl with water. If it sinks to the very bottom – it’s good. But when it floats – you should throw it away.

Make Them Lasting Longer

If you buy a lot of eggs and store them for a long time in the fridge, you should learn how to make them lasting more. The suggestion is freezing them. No matter when you need an egg, you can easily take out a fresh one from your fridge.

Egg Yolks

Do you sue egg yolks to their full potential? They contain a lot of protein and are very nutritious. If you need only egg whites for some recipe and the yolks are left – make sure using them.

Hard Boiling

Sometimes cooking a hardboiled egg seems impossible. Have you ever tried making boiling an egg by using a simple electric kettle? This will work wonders for you. If you live in a small flat, dorm and have no opportunity to cook an egg – this method is perfect for you.

Right Scrambling

  • Do you scramble eggs the right way? Don’t know? Read the following tips to find out:
  • The heat should be medium-low and even low
  • Butter is better than oil for frying
  • Try shaking the pan in a circular motion
  • To scramble the eggs use a spatula
  • The scrambled eggs should not be cooked more than 2 minutes

Source: indigodaily


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