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How Reality Shows Influence Your Kids

Reality shows are so common these days – they are everywhere.

In most cases they are useless and can bring no value to our understanding of life sense. Nowadays reality TV is spreading like fire. Without any doubts, your children sooner or later will face these reality shows, no matter what you do to restrict them from it.  You would ask if it has some negative impact on them. Or, yes, it is extremely dangerous.

What Is Reality TV?

Reality TV consists of various programs, which show people, participating in various life contexts and situations. Many of these programs are focused on completion and celebrities. Some of them tell stories about teen pregnancy and drug addiction. The purpose of each reality show is to entertain people, who come after work exhausted and tired.

Children Are Viewers

Children are one of the viewers of such programs and we can do nothing to limit them from watching it. According to the observations, kids, watching such TV programs suffered from negative side effects. One study, conducted in Australia showed that children, who watched such programs, started thinking more about wealth, beauty and popularity factors. They associated these things with complete happiness in their life. It’s not surprising, but these notions are frequently mentioned about the participants of such TV shows.

Moreover, children are also frequent participants of such shows, which have even worse effects on those kids, which play the role of viewers. If you want limit your kid from the negative impact of TV, throw it away from the home. All you need to know important, you’ll find out from the neighbors or Internet.

Source: indigodaily


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