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10 Foods That Will Work Wonders For Your Skin

There are some foods that we can’t help but let get the better of us. A juicy cheeseburger¬†with¬†fries, for instance, sounds far more appealing than a salad with a sugarless low-carb dressing. But while you might be able to get away with eating endless amounts of junk providing you’re regularly exercising, working out has little bearing on¬†the state of your skin.

In fact, according to Jessica Wu, a leading dermatologist, and author of ‘Feed your Face’, a healthy diet can be as important to your skin as the creams and mask you apply.

Here are 10 foods that could help.

1. Tomatoes


According to a 2008 UK study, participants who ate 5 tablespoons of tomato paste, along with almost a tablespoon of olive oil for 12 weeks, had 33% more protection from sunburn compared to those consuming only olive oil.

2. Dark chocolate


Rich with a plethora of antioxidant properties, dark chocolate is known to keep skin hydrated while improving circulation. In fact, women who consumed a cocoa powdered drink every day for 12 weeks experienced less scaliness and roughness compared to other participants. They drank the equivalent of 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate- far too many calories for most women, according to Lisa Drayer, author of The Beauty Diet. It appears that with chocolate, at least the dark kind, moderation is key, with Drayer suggesting that around 150 calories are more than enough reap the benefits without gaining weight.

3. Grass-fed beef


Not only does grass-fed beef contain¬†a high number of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids- acids that fight inflammation-¬†but it’s also filled with protein. 30 grams per 3-5 ounce serving to be precise. ‚ÄúProtein is the building block of collagen and elastin tissue, which keeps skin taut and less wrinkled,‚ÄĚ Dr. Wu informs.

4. Oysters


Oysters aren’t only natural aphrodisiacs. In fact, just 57 calories of these bad boys contain over 500% of your daily need of dietary zinc. The growth and function of skin cells are also thought to improve, though more research needs doing before doctors can come to any firm conclusions, with some studies believing that acne sufferers have lower than average¬†levels of zinc.

5. Kiwi


Vitamin C can play a significant part in keeping skin radiant and smooth. As Lisa Drayer explains, ¬†“Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, which keeps skin taught and smoothes fine lines.”

Drayer’s findings come from a¬†study in the¬†American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.¬†The results found that the skin on those whose diets were high in Vitamin C had less dryness and noticeable wrinkles.

6. Eggs


One of the most protein-rich foods on the market, eggs also contain little fat, which one study found to be a key component of aging skin. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, just a 17-gram increase in fat intake improved the chances of developing wrinkles by 28%.

7. Carrots


They can enhance your eyesight, but carrots can also do wonders to your skin.  A 2011 UK study found that people who ate a higher amount of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables- like carrots- have more yellow tones in their skin, and thus giving them a complexion that others agreed look healthier.

8. Chickpeas


Researchers in Korea found that leading a low‚Äďglycemic diet for just 10¬†weeks visibly reduced pimples and red spots. High-glycemic diets include foods such as pasta and oatmeal, foods which rapidly increased blood sugar and higher insulin levels that are thought to lead to breakouts.

Chickpeas, however, are low on the glycemic index since they possess an abundance of protein and fiber. Thus, it is often best to avoid carb-heavy foods.

9. Sunflower seeds


Rich in Vitamin- E, sunflower seeds will help keep your face pimple-free if a study published in Experimental Dermatology is anything to go by.

Analyzing 100 acne sufferers, researchers concluded those with¬†severe acne had almost 30% lower blood levels of vitamin E compared to a clear-skinned control group. What’s more, Vitamin E is thought to improve your immune system, and thus allowing the body to fend off the inflammation that leads to acne more efficiently.

10. Pumpkin


Cooked pumpkin is one of the top sources of beta-carotene-  a vitamin that acts as a cell-protecting antioxidant. Even just a half cup of cooked pumpkin can contain almost 400% of your daily value for A- a vitamin vital for the growth of skin cells and wrinkleless and glowing skin.

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