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The Most Awful Dorm Roommates You Have Ever Met

Being a freshman is really such an interesting period in the life of each person.

At the same time, each of us has some horrible stories connected with it. Here are some terrifying roommate freshman stories:

Student Suicide

What can I say? You can read everything by yourself. I think I would feel scared hearing it from one of mu roommates.


Have you ever observed your roommate to lose virginity? One of people we asked did see it. God damn it!

Video Games

Only read this and you’ll understand everything by yourself. Imagine only how he didn’t want going to the classes!


It’s not surprising that students like watching porn. One of our heroes was watching it during one night, but unexpectedly his roommate caught him doing this. As revenge he baptized him with a water bottle.


This guy had a really good roommate, but once he woke in the morning and heard something strange. The friend was singing in the most horrible way Elton John’s song Crocodile Rock and was masturbating. The rest of the day the second guy couldn’t do nothing, but think about this morning accident.

Dirty Roommate

This roommate was constantly leaving dirty plates in his own bed, which were even covered with sheets.  When he was gathering to sleep, he simply kicked those plates without too much bothering.

Source: indigodaily


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