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Incredible DIY Tricks You Should Try This Week

Have you managed doing something great this week?


Do not worry – you still have much time. What about doing some DIY activities and have some fun. Here are some of the coolest tricks you should certainly try this week:

Tequila Pops

We recommend you whipping tequila-pops and freezing them in paper cups. You may also add some lime juice for more distinctive taste. Moreover, you can also use condensed milk to make the flavor really balanced. They can be a wonderful treat at any party or barbecues.

Hand-Craft Bracelet

Find some beads (it’s not necessary them to be expensive) and tread them onto wire, making this wonderful 3-colour bracelet. This accessory will, probably, take 1 hour or less from you, but in the end you’ll get this amazing hand-craft bracelet. You may also make the same bracelet and present somebody with it.

Accent Wall

Isn’t this wall perfect? In fact, you can do it by yourself. The process wil take you not more than 2 hours. All you need is a cardboard stencil and a simple pen for painting. Use a sharp knife for cutting cardboard stencil. You can make up your own pattern – this one is not obligatory. It’s really a cool and cheap idea to decorate your room. With it your interior design will become truly unique.


What about this modern stylish nightlight? Due to vellum, it looks so contemporary. You can cut any shape you like. Moreover, this can be changed, each time you want redecorating your home.

Source: indigodaily


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