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How Boys And Girls search Their Problems On Google

If you have a damn internet connection, you don’t need to ask anything to anyone about your problems. Instead, you just turn on the internet and find the solutions on Google. From good, bad to bullsh*t, everything is available on google. You just need to search in a proper way so the google will understand your need or it will keep suggesting you some best girls to marry or best cure of cancer.

In this article, I am going to discuss 5 examples of how Girls and boys search their problems on google and what is the difference between their searches. I am sure that you are going to enjoy this damn article.

Boys Vs Girls Google Search

1. What is PC overheat solution?

My Pc is my life too but what point of telling a search engine


2. Finding nearest restaurant

She wants google to come along with her and take her to the restaurant ?


3. How to download Youtube videos

When you search about ‘youtube video downloader’, it seems ok but this one…


Or you can just try


4. Looking for a bike?


5.  And This is the last one -_-

1473887917-3231-boys-vs-girls-google-search Source: damnnet


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