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This Is How Paris Hilton Made Kim Kardashian To Be Her Slave

Kim and Paris are one of the most popular females in the whole Hollywood.

They know how to attract attention and make a real scandal out of nothing. On the following photos you’ll see how Paris simply owned Kim and made her serving a real slave. Shut up, Kim!

Kim is following Paris, holding fan in her hand for cooling her queen whenever she feels hot. Only look at the face impression of Kim! She certainly wasn’t satisfied with such a role.

Here we see Kim holding the body weight of Paris, because she felt weak and couldn’t stand firmly on the ground. So, she asked Kim supporting her. Of course, she agreed, what else she could do?

It seems that Paris is fed up with Kim and doesn’t want talking with her at all. She even refuses looking at her. She decides communicating with her slave only through text.

On this photo we see that Paris decided not introducing Kim to Justin Timberlake. Imagine only how she felt at that moment. Simply horrible!

This photo was made during Oktoberfest, when Kim was ready doing everything for Paris. She was constantly looking at her for directions, but Paris didn’t pay attention to her at all! Poor, Kim!

Now Paris made Kim dancing in the same way she did. In fact, both look quite bad, isn’t it?

Paris told a bad joke and no one laughed, so she made Kim laughing at it.

Source: indigodaily


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