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Nerdy Streamer Banned After Multiple Hot Girls Flash Their Asses

Rule one on Twitch: Don’t do anything to get banned. Especially if you are planning on streaming for a living.

We have seen guys shut down before for stupid things they do. Last year a guy brought a girl on Skype with his crew and she “accidentally” flashed her titties.

We have a similar story to that today!

Streamer Bile_Dani had some pretty hot girls hanging out on his stream. You could tell they were drinking and that is when SHIT GOES DOWN!


How did I know they were drinking? Look at the booze on the table and the color of the hottest girls face switches from white to dark red throughout the video!


Things went from flirty to flashy in a matter of seconds.


Her friends didn’t know what to do at first but monkey see, monkey do! They dropped their pants for the MILLIONS, AND MILLIONS of Bile_Dani stream fans. Well, 500+ fans.


The stream continued for 20 more mins. More drinking and more flashing!

Someone finally snitched by that point and got this go removed. Sucks people can’t let us corrupt Twitch into another cam girl site!

His account is back (for now) on Twitch. No telling when he could get the official ban hammer!

Source: dudecomedy


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