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Six pictures that show what’s really going on in the minds of introverts

Liz Fosslien, a talented illustrator, thinks that introverted people are often seen as strange silent types who rarely smile and appear to be constantly focused on serious thoughts. However, in reality there are easy-to-understand reasons for such behavior.

Being an introvert herself, Liz decided to visualize and explain all the strange and perplexing things that go on inside her head. As it turns out, even though introverted people may not be the best conversationalists, they’re actually thinking about many things at once.

Today, Loopfy is happy to present these fascinating visual insights!


Sure enough, introverts take their time to think things through. Be patient and you won’t be disappointed! Besides, an introvert is sure to remember your attentive behavior and repay it with kindness.


It is in an introvert’s nature to easily take in their surroundings and (just as easily) lose interest in them. Therefore, it is not unusual for them to suddenly begin yawning at a raucous and lively party. Chances are that, to an introvert, it is simply too raucous and lively.


Introverts take great pleasure in immersing themselves in reading books or just retreating into their own inner world. So don’t be surprised to see such people spend ’boring’ evenings at home. To them, this is a truly exciting pastime!


Thanks to their excellent ability to remain unperturbed in any situation, introverts can be very good at gambling. It’s impossible to tell what such people are thinking!


An introvert can simultaneously read a book and talk to someone, paying equally high attention to both activities. Now isn’t that a true superpower?!


An introvert can stand silently by your side and yet be engaged in an agitated mental dialogue — just not with you. Don’t take offense — these might be some serious ruminations on the fate of the world or an important decision-making moment. Better to not disturb.

Source: brightside


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