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Questions Each Girl With A Boyfriend Has

Dating someone is one of the most wonderful periods in the life of each person.

You are full of love and emotions. Usually this takes place only at the beginning of each relationship. But comes the time, when two people face everyday mundane life. What questions did you have concerning your boyfriend? Here are the most common things, which arouse in the head of each girl:


When you start living together the moment of cleaning would certainly arose. Honey, could you clean? Where have you put these clothes? Don’t you see it? Have you said it to him?

His Hair

This hair will certainly start bothering you more than him. You would always ask him why his styles it in this way, but not another. You would do everything possible in order to send him to a hairdresser to make something with his hair.

Toilet Seat

It’s really important to keep your toilet seat clean all the time. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, if you have a man living with you, especially when he comes after the work-out. Sometimes you would have the feeling that you will never be able to see your toilet seat clean as it was before.


Each girl is eager to find out about the past of her boyfriend. Do you believe it or not, but you’ll have such questions as: when did you start using condoms? At what age did you kiss first? At what age did you have sex first? How many girls did you have before me?

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