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6 Things Each Teacher’s Bag Contain

It’s time returning to school and deal with teachers again.

In fact, this profession is quite peculiar and very interesting. Some of us have their favorite teachers, whom we will never forget and be always grateful for everything they have done for us. Do you remember that all of them always wore a bag? Have you ever wondered what things it contained? In this article we will reveal you the secret content of a teacher’s bag!

Non-working biros

Any teacher has a lot of non-working biros in his bag. For what they need them is unknown. They always take these with them? In some bags they even start to breed.


If you need a marker, ask your teacher. Each of them certainly has several markers, but only one or any of them works. Isn’t funny?


You are not only one to procrastinate. You teacher is the same human being as you are. If you look into his bag, you’ll find a pack of marking to check.


Wow, what a huge bunch of keys! Your teacher has keys from all the cupboards and boxes in the classroom. It’s so heavy, that one can use it as a weapon. It was a joke.

Christmas Card

No matter what time of the year it is, you can easily find a Christmas card from one of the students in the bag of your teacher.

Conference Badge

Visiting conferences is a common thing for any teacher. They usually get a badge there, which then do not throw, but wear in a bag all the time.

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